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Gaming Mice

Avior 7000

Tired of dying against noobs? It might be your surface that's the problem! See for yourself using our included S.Q.A.T software.
(Only available for US customers)

Avior PRO

Probably the most versatile gaming mouse you have ever used! With its 9 programmable buttons, there are unlimited ways to defeat your enemies!

Castor PRO

Designed to be accurate, comfortable and quick; the Castor is just right for FPS gaming. With its rubber grip and 100% PTFE mouse feet it will move swiftly across your desk with.

Naos PRO

For people with large hands and everyone else who uses a full palm grip. The NAOS is a dream come true for long gaming sessions!

Naos QG

Quantifies your gaming to help you gain that extra edge. Want to find out when your heart rate increases so you can calm down? The Naos QG knows it all!

Gaming Keyboards


Mechanical perfection with Cherry MX Red switches and a slick design. What more do you need? (Only ships within the US)


Do you also accidently get mad when gaming? The Zibal is rage proof! What more do you need?


Do you also accidently get mad when gaming? The Zibal is rage proof! What more do you need?

Gaming Accessories


The Alioth pads are designed to give you the best gaming experience possible!

Game Bundle

Includes a Naos QG and a mouse pad of your choice. This bundle also includes three awesome games! (Value $40)
The game codes will be sent by email.


Fits any keyboard with MX switches or any switch with a +. If they're not available in your language, you can still replace most keys to get a nice touch of color!

Mouse Feet

Need to replace your feet? Or maybe change to different glidez? We got you covered.


Make certain you optimize your gaming with the best surface available. Get yourself a Sargas! (Only available to US customers)