This is our story.

Beautiful origins

Ever since the first Mionix mouse was crafted over a decade ago, we have dedicated ourselves to designing beautiful and high-quality gaming peripherals. Founded 2007 by Peter Nygren and a co-founder in a small office in Växjö, Sweden, Mionix has organically grown to become internationally renowned and received worldwide acclaim for its expert craftsmanship and minimalistic design.

Fearless innovation

Our craft has always been driven by four keywords: Function, Performance, Ergonomics and Quality. It is no easy task, but by following these principles we design our gaming gear with an attention to the details and we make sure that each product lives up to our own standard. How does it all begin? Well, it always starts with a piece of styrofoam.


Shaping the future

In a not so Swedish way of thinking, our mission was never to be just another gaming brand. We want to be the pioneers of the gaming world and we have scrapped hundreds of projects in search for that one, perfect craft. Our fine-tuned development process always has the customer at heart, with E-sport athletes as the end goal.

A legacy amongst the stars

Our design philosophy is to create timeless and unique pieces. They are then branded by their own unique name derived from a star. Looking towards the stars has always been our way of telling the world that we will always look ahead and keep on striving forwards.

A walk down memory lane

Even though the feeling in the office is new and exciting, Mionix has been around for quite a while. There is history here, all the way back to the first crafted Saiph in 2008. Scroll below for a quick look at the past. {Coming soon}

A humble brag

What helps when the odds are stacked against us, and times are tough? Appreciation. Well, appreciation and more than 400 awards. Thank you for enjoying our products and supporting our passion!

Mionix Awards for Best Gaming Mouse