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Everyone, please meet Fiskarna! Niklas regularly organises charity streaming events to support those who are in need. What a legend! When he is not streaming for a good cause he is doing it for fun.Definitely make sure to join in on Saturdays for some interaction – you are in for viewer pick-ups, chat-mini-games, laughs and lots of fun.



This charismatic entertainer from America has been streaming and Youtubing since 2014. As a personal trainer Nick will pump up your day with his excellent sense of humor. Get ready for lighthearted and fun playthroughs of all sorts of games. You can find anything on his channel from Karaoke to Sims 4 some CS:GO or Skyrim. If you are looking for a laugh, you will be leaving with a smile.


One moment that you will always remember. We went for a swimming celebration on the Delaware River. We thought it would be a great idea to swim from the Pennsylvania  to the New Jersey side. Well, the current was way too strong and pulled us down the river. Just about to drown to death, we were saved by some Russian. He saved our lives & started the Legacy of ToKymonGrey!
Craziest thing you every did? Giving someone a temp tat on their XXX, of an ant. Never doing that again.
Worst advice you’ve ever received? “LISTEN SON, YOU NEEDA GO TO COLLEGE, GET A DEGREE & WORK LIKE I DO!” & we said fk college! $ comes with happiness!



What is one most memorable moment in your life? When I woke up at christmas eve six years old I found my first pair of drums that my parents had bought. The happines I felt then was indescribable. Finally I could stop play at pots, tables and everything else that might make a sound.
If you could eat only one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Tacos! No doubt, can you even get tired of eating that?
What don’t we know about you? I grew up as a hard-rock fan playing drums in rock bands until I turned 13, I then started to switch to rapping and making hiphop-beats which I later on educated myself in and mainly produced until I found EDM at the age of 17.



One of your most treasured memories? One winter on my grandparent’s farm I went “extreme sledding” which was tying a sled to the back of a pickup truck and trying to stay on. Needless to say I didn’t, and ended up flying into a pile of horse poop. Disgusting, but some of the most fun I’ve ever had.
Favourite moment on your stream? During one of my 24hr streams I got raided and a CRAZY sub/donation train followed. Such an amazing feeling to be broken by support. I will always remember it.
A crystal ball can give you one answer:  I’d love to know where I am in about 10 years time. It would be great to see how the choices & sacrifices I’ve made will impact my life!


Has streaming changed your life? It has 100% changed my life. When I started streaming part time, I worked an office job full time. Since, I have transitioned into full time streaming! I feel I am finally doing something I enjoy.
One thing that you are grateful for: For my family. They’re extremely supportive. My parents have always been cheerleaders, no matter what I want to do. No matter what it is, they will encourage to succeed.
Something that you’ve dreamed of doing: For a long time I’ve dreamed of hosting my own TV show! I think live TV is a ton of fun and would love to do that as a full time career. I’ve also always wanted to skydive. It’s been on my bucket list my entire life!


Here comes the full power of Natalie and Dave – a true gaming couple – and one of a kind. Step into a super energetic stream adventure with both of them and the #AGCFamily. The action-packed world of GTA V is their current game of choice, racing challenges and crew battles included. Though, that’s not all – a stellar music selection, occasional dancing and lots of real life stories await you! Join for the fun and stay for the community!



This German mastermind provides deep insights into all aspects of Heroes of the Storm and also compiles famous weekly EpicPlays. In the time he has left he also casts high level matches for professional tournaments like DreamHack. So it is worth keeping an eye out for Mr.KendricSwissh! As true Blizzard fan boy he spends most of his time playing Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone and you will see him play Overwatch whenever possible.



The last picture you took with your phone? My dog. Always my dog. Literally nothing but dog pictures. (¬_¬)
One of the best compliments you have received? Everyday I get told people love my voice and I never get tired of it!
Do you have a favourite moment that happened on your stream? After 54 hours of playing Death Road to Canada, I had finally made it to Canada. (╯ಠ_ಠ )╯︵ ┻━┻ 
Something you’ve been wanting to start, but haven’t started yet? I’ve been wanting to make youtube content but haven’t gotten around to it yet. Video editing is hard work ಠ╭╮ಠ




I will never forget the day that I… first stepped into a recording studio. I realized that my dream to become a voice actor wasn’t foolish & that I had made the right choice.
What is your favourite moment that happened on your live stream? I was playing Vermintide and exploding myself with the witch to save my team!
Mezmoreyez – What is the story behind that? That was the name of a Shaman character that my friend made for me on World of Warcraft, I ended up liking the shaman so much that it became my name.
If you would have to do Karakoke right now which song would you sing? I would sing Fly Me To The Moon by Sinatra!


64 squares, 32 pieces, 2 colours and a million ways this could play out: Yes, we are talking about chess. Eric Hansen is a Canadian Chess Grandmaster who travels the globe to compete against the Chess masterminds of our time and he is also the first of his kind to stream on Twitch. As a gaming enthusiast he pioneered to bring Chess to Twitch-territory. Find a combination of high level and super speed chess on his channel paired with a great music selection. Join and become part of a super welcoming community.



Describe yourself in three words: Competitive, Determined, Friendly.
What is on your bucket list? Travel through Europe!
Which moment will you never forget? I will never forget recording for JayZ when I was a recording artist in Hollywood.  Incredible experience.
How did drumming impact your life? I started drumming in middle school and never stopped.  Toured the country for 5 summers and went on to record for artists. It molded me into the person I am today, determined to grow on Twitch and build a community of friendly caring people!





Hell, it’s about time we added SC2 streamer to the Mob: please meet Sal aka UpATreeZelda. (Yes excellent guess: he streams Zelda Marathons occasionally) But mainly you will find him commanding a Terran outpost in Legacy of the Void. If you are looking for new builds, in depth analysis or just want marvel at some masterful SC2 laddering this is your channel. Calm and steady this Master League Terran will navigate you through his daily battles bringing commentary to high level Starcraft.  It is easy to see that he loves what he does. SC2 fan or not: drop by and make a friend!



Battlefield fans come closer! Let us introduce Dazs, a passionate and merry soldier with some mean skill. Join him when he goes to battle and be witness to some remarkable BF gameplay. Previously a member of Nova he is now one of the leaders of team Ascend and affiliated with the Obey Alliance with the desire to build the most prominent Battlefield montage team on YouTube – tune in and be there when the legendary moments of the next montage go down!


Tell us one of your memories that always makes you smile The moment I quit my day job to pursue full time streaming and content creation. I’ve never felt so inspired and motivated!
If you could be any movie/TV character – who would you be? Liz Lemon from 30 Rock! Other than the fact that I play video games and have a cat, we’re the exact same person.
What do you love most about streaming? The community I’ve been able to build since I started streaming. My chat is one of the kindest, most supportive groups of people I get the pleasure of spending 5 days a week with.





What do you do enjoy doing when you are not streaming?  I’m a skateboarder. The gym and skateboarder. 
If you could wake up tomorrow having gained any power, what would it be?  It would be teleporting.
Name something on your bucket list:  Leave the air force and be a full time streamer.
What do you love most about your stream? The best part of my stream is hands down my community when you join the bowskiJ nation you are joining a family. We love, we laugh, we cry and we have a blast!



What are you proud of?  I’m proud of the close connection I have with my viewers. If I become larger I’m certain I’ll still remain close with them.  
What is something you’ve been wanting to start, but haven’t started yet?  I’ve always wanted to make a completely serious animation. I always end up making something with a punch-line or have a comedic effect. I can’t help myself. It’d be something to move someone than to make them laugh.
Where do you love to hang out? I love hanging out in cafe’s and coffee shops. I know it’s cliche with the typical macbook in hand but it’s oddly comforting to me.




This is Felicia: a new-born full-time live streamer. This Swedish beauty is living in Germany and started up her gaming career in 2015. She convinced us with her kick-ass attitude and epic enthusiasm. Check out her stream and watch her learn and grow. She is playing mostly CS:GO and Heroes of the Storm, but also some Ark or Torchlight2. If you are looking for a nice price chill time with some laughs you should definitely drop in!



What’s your favourite moment in your gaming history? It has to be a few years ago when I got captured in “DayZ”. I was forced to sing for them and they were not aware that I’m an actual singer. I think it’s funny because it pretty much captures what I do on the internet, play games and sing. The video was viral for about 1-2 days in the DayZ community – check it here.
Tell us something only few people know about you. The value of all my games in my steam account is 7061$!
Name something on your bucket list. Watch a whole movie without blinking.



Have you ever wondered what Space Engineering and League of Legends have in common? Well it is this guy: Trizze. He went from studying Space Technology to fulltime streaming. Whenever this passionate & creative Swede is not on Twitch he edits new versions of “Trizze Plays” his hilarious Youtube compilations or is busy collecting karma on Reddit. Expect a hyped crowd when he is live with lots of interaction. If you want to know more about playing Anivia or becoming an astronaut: jump right in!


This beautiful blast of energy is situated in California. Step into her channel and become part of the Ayalah family. She is hopping from CS:GO to GTA V frequently, but occasionally will play Hearthstone, H1Z1, and single player games like Fallout 4. Aya is not only a full time streamer but also writes her own blog and loves to hang out with fellow streamers. She is live nearly every day so drop by, enjoy the bubbly adventure and be a friend!


Hut…Hut.. Hike! Ricky Lumpkin a real NFL player just joined the Mob. He is a husband, a father and a skilled CS enthusiast! When he is not in the gym or on the field you can find him playing CS:GO, Rocket League and iRacing. Tune in when he hangs out with players from around the globe. His stream is a chill place where you can come to relax. Enjoy a convo with this truly charismatic and authentic guy and at the same time take away some inspiration and insights from a professional American Football bro. Defensive tackle for work and Global Offensive for fun – ya’ll love it!



This is Zearxy: a fulltime streamer from our home country! She plays a bunch of different games; from involved stories with all the feels to shooters or her just driving around a 4-wheeler laughing her head off. Her stream is all about getting people together, playing games, talking and having a really good time. You can tell that she truly appreciates all the support of her community. Join this kick-ass streamer when she is live and find out what shenanigans she is up to this time.



You think finishing Dark Souls 3 without taking a single hit would be impossible? Not with the determination of this guy! Considering that he is actually a trained Muay Thai fighter it is not surprising that he will not give up, even if it takes a million trials. With skilled gameplay, spot on commentary and occasional life lessons Faraaz will take you on a captivating journey through a variety of games – breaking world records on the way. Expect a welcoming and mature crowd when he is live, so come as you are and join one of the best communities on Twitch.


This 23 year old super-dude from Sweden will definitely brighten your day: you will hear him sing and scream and praise CS:GO. Chris has been playing online games like MMOs,Shooters & RTS for a decade or more. He cares a great deal about his community so he is doing a lot of giveaways sharing everything he has. Join and be part of his extra family – there will be lots of laughs and fantastic games guaranteed.


Welcome Hipks! This Swede is an enthusiastic, energetic and hyped streamer, who worked really hard as a teenager to afford his first Mionix mouse – now he is part of the Mionix family. In his streaming career he perfected the art of interacting with the chat while delivering high class gaming performance at the same time: Every comment counts, and still, every shot is a hit of course. Watch him while he ambitiously tries to break world records in CoD. If you are looking for some skilled FPS gameplay with a lot of chatter and fun, join the rollercoaster ride with this guy.




We are happy to welcome the first Romanian Youtuber to the Team. Salut Trex! He started back in 2012 and has more than 100.000 subscribers today. His key to success is that he loves what he is doing and he remains true to himself, which is what his community respects him for. He will turn Scrap Mechanic sessions and Rust adventures into quality and fun videos. Whenever he is not recording new videos he is most likely out riding his motorbike. Check out his videos and leave him a nice comment to brighten his day!




Cześć Kamil! The first ever polish streamer just joined the MionixMob: MrSetoKami. He loves the Souls series, Hitman and basically every good RPG so expect a fine selection on his channel. Apart from RPG’s Seto has a lot more passions: he might jump out on the dance floor and show some cat moves in Just Dance or uncover some pearls of indie games. What you can certainly count on is his devotion to the chat. Wind down after a day’s work and join for some bellylaughs with this fabulous person.



Let us introduce one of the most enthusiastic gamer girls ever! Kierce has been Youtubing and streaming for a couple of years now and is also part of TeamPwnage. In her stream you will mainly find shooters and MMOs ranging from Call of Duty to H1Z1 flavoured with some World of Warcraft or Minecraft. Her funny and witty comments will make you feel right at home while you can witness some real skill.



Nils is a Swedish Badass indeed! Not only is he probably the world’s most passionate RuneScape player, but also one of the best. Just a while back he was undefeated in a RuneScape Tournament. If you have never heard of RuneScape make sure to tune in, this is a game worth watching! Nil’s genuine style, hilarious comments and world-class chat interaction will surely make you stay!