A very durable, black keyboard


Rage proof.
Try me!
Cherry MX Black switches
Old but gold

Do you also accidently get mad when gaming? The Zibal is rage proof! What more do you need?

Sold out

The test of time

I need no introduction.

If you buy a Zibal in 2021 you know what you are buying. This is an older keyboard, with Cherry MX Black switches and made to withstand your gaming rage.


Ancient greek

Some say that the constellation Eridanus symbolizes the path of the reckless journey by Phaethon with the stolen chariot of Helio. In ancient Greek Zibal means “river” which could symbolize the river where Phaethon landed after being struck down by a Thunderbolt from Zeus. Zibal together with its surroundings are not well known by mankind, there are still secrets to be revealed.

Product description

Great for gaming

The Mionix Zibal 60 is a fusion of the best keyboard components together with great gaming features that gives you the edge to your game. Engineered with non-tactile, mechanical, black cherry MX switches that deliver the best feel to every keystroke.

Multi-level backlight illumination paired with six key rollover that allows you to perform up to six simultaneous keystrokes with all keys, make the Zibal 60 standout from the crowd. In addition to the performance features, the Zibal 60 offers smart functions that include a two port usb 2.0 hub, audio/mic extensions and media control keys for full integration with your desktop setup.

Tech specs


  • Black Cherry MX mechanical key switches
  • Detachable wrist res
  • Green backlit key illumination
  • Three lighting modes On, Off and WASD
  • Multi-level brightness control
  • Mionix Action key to access Light/media controls
  • Six Key Rollove
  • Rage proof durability!
  • Connect-through ports for audio/mic
  • Full speed USB 2.0 hu
  • Plug n Play

Technically technical

  • Cherry MX black linear mechanical switch
  • Actuation force: 60g
  • Responsiveness: 2mm (4mm to bottom)
  • Cable length: 1.55m (braided for durability)
  • Laser printed keycaps
Windows 10 USB

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