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Game Bundle

Includes a Naos QG and a mouse pad of your choice. This bundle also includes three awesome games! (Value $40)
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€119.99 €59.99

Turn based strategy


This game is a turn-based skirmish strategy game where you battle for the valuable resource - Glonithium, “Glow” for short. Explore the lush world in Dreadlands by traveling across its many regions with your misfit gang of miscreants and mercenaries.

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A real adventure

Pendula Swing

Pendula Swing is a point & click adventure game set in a fantasy version of the American Roaring 1920s. Picture the glamour and turbulence of the 20s in a world populated by elves, dwarves, goblins, orcs and other fantastic creatures besides humans. Starring Brialynne Donu Tenúm, the greatest and most celebrated dwarven hero of this world, Pendula Swing features hundreds of unique characters and quests that unfold how the world evolved after Brialynne saved it.

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An indirect god sim


Welcome to Crest, a unique take on the traditional god sim, where your word is gospel. Control and guide your followers by issuing commandments written in an evolving pictographic language. How these commandments are interpreted and remembered is not set in stone. The consequences of your actions may not always be clear and you will need to be aware of the ever-changing environment, your people's beliefs and their feelings about you. Will they love, respect or fear you?

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Includes the Naos QG

Measure your heart-rate

The Naos QG uses the PMW-3360 optical sensor that has a superb accuracy, smooth tracking, and a maximum speed of 7.6m/sec (250 IPS) all the way up to 12000 DPI.

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Also includes an Alioth mouse pad

What size are you?

The new versions of Alioth are 3mm (0.1 inch) thick and come in six different sizes: M, L, XL and 2XL, 3XL and the gigantic 4XL!

M = 370 x 320mm (14.6 x 12.6 inches) in width/height.
XL = 900 x 400mm (35.4 x 15.7 inches) in width/height.
2XL = 1200 x 500mm (47.2 x 19.7 inches) in width/height.

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