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    KEID 20 B

    • Clear and precise sound
    • Truly ergonomin design
    • Passive noise reduction
    • Outstanding comfort

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Keid is a triple star system located 16.5 light-years away from Earth and belongs to the constellation Eridanus, the sixth largest constellation. Keid means egg or egg shells and it resembles the central plate on the ear cups. Keid has gained popularity thanks to its proximity to Jupiter It´s easily visible from Earth and shines with a bright light due to its high temperature. Keid has two companions, one of which is a white dwarf that orbits Keid.



The Mionix Keid 20 is a comfortable, high quality headset, specifically developed for gaming. The 50 mm driver is optimized for clear and precise sound. The large-size ear pads have an ergonomic design and are equipped with a special memory foam that forms after your ears. The headband is flexible and auto adjusts to your head. The ergonomic design, superior comfort and an optimized sound makes Mionix Keid 20 to a perfect choice for long sessions of intensive gaming.



  • Ergonomic design
    Truly ergonomic design with memory foam that forms after your ears
  • Clear and precise sound
    Optimized sound to give a clear and precise sound suitable for gaming
  • Passive noise reduction
    Passive noise reduction filter that clarifies your voice from background noise
  • Braided cables
    Braided cables to prevent cable breakage
  • Volume control
    Volume control with microphone mute function