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NAOS 5000

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Mionix NAOS 5000

This prominent gaming mouse is named after the star Naos, a blue super giant and one of the brightest stars in our galaxy. Naos means “ship” and is enough powerful to create comet tails and huge clouds of auroras visible from Earth. Naos is constantly moving away from its original position in the constellation of Vela and it spins about 100 times faster than our sun. Since its birth it has covered a distance of 400 light-years. No one knows exactly why Naos has such a high rotation speed, but an explanation to this phenomenon lies in the gravitational interaction between many other stars.
A passioned hunt for perfection has come to an end. Mionix Naos 5000 has seen its first light of day. Get ready to meet a gaming mouse with an incredible ergonomic comfort and stunning technology that offers an outstanding gaming experience. Mionix Naos 5000 features a new innovative weight tuning system for an optimal weight distribution of the mouse, carefully selected high-end components and leading laser technology. Stunning features such as adjustable lift-distance, 5 onboard profiles, extensive macro settings and customizable LED-lights give you the opportunity to customize the mouse exactly to your liking.

Technical Specifications

  • Ergonomic, right-handed gaming mouse
  • Balanced weight tuning system (up to 40 gr)
  • Soft touch rubber coating
  • 7 fully programmable buttons
  • 3 steps in-game DPI adjustment
  • 6 integrated LEDs in 2 colour zones
  • 128 kb built-in memory
  • Large PTFE mouse feet
  • Gold Plated, Full speed USB 2.0 connection with Plug and Play
  • Cable 2m long braided cable

Sensor Specification

  • Avago 9500 Laser Sensor
  • 5040 dpi gaming laser sensor
  • S.Q.A.T™ – Surface Quality Analyzer Tool
  • Adjustable lift distance
  • 1 ms response time
  • 12 000 frames/sec
  • Tracking speed: 5.1 m/sec (150 ips)
  • 10.6 megapixels/sec image processing
  • Acceleration: 30 g
  • True 16-bit data path

Software Features

  • Up to 5 Profiles saved to the in-built memory
  • Adjustable X / Y Axis
  • Adjustable Polling Rate
  • Live record macro manager
  • Customize color LED options
  • S.Q.A.T™ – Surface Quality Analyzer Tool

Dimensions & Weight

  • 130.84×84.72×38.67 mm / 5.15×3.33×1.52 in
  • Netto (w/o cable): 106 gr
  • Netto (cable incl.): 158 gr
  • Weight tuning: up to 40 gr


This product is FCC, CE, and RoHS compliant. For more information please contact us.

Warranty Information

We think that we design the very best gaming gear that money can buy and we use only top grade components to build them.
In the very unlikely case you should get a faulty product we follow local warranty laws which means that we will, in EU, replace any faulty product free of charge during the 2 year guarantee (1 year in US and Asia)

The warranty does not cover defects caused by any kind of usage that is not attributed to the manufacturing process - if you should "accidently" throw the mouse into a brick wall after losing a game - warranty will not cover damages to neither mouse nor wall.

Package Contents

  • Mionix NAOS 5000
  • Quick installation guide
  • Weight box
  • 8 Weights (5 Grams)

Product Features

  • Truly ergonomic design
    Truly ergonomic design with support for all five fingers
  • Maximum grip
    The rubber coating ensures a maximum grip
  • Balanced weight tuning system
    A unique weight tuning system for an optimal weight distribution
  • 5040 dpi laser sensor
    Remarkable tracking performance built for gaming
  • 128kb built-in memory
    Bring your settings and recorded macros with you stored into one of the 5 profiles
  • Customizable LED light system
    Personalize your mouse with extensive color options
  • S.Q.A.T™ – Surface Quality Analyzer Tool
    Surface Quality Analyzer tool to measure the tracking quality on a certain surface
  • 3 steps customizable dpi in-game adjustment
    Set 3 dpi values and switch easily between them in-game
  • 7 programmable buttons
    The buttons can be assigned to any key, mouse command or macro
  • In-game profile switch
    Switch easy with a click between stored profiles in-game
  • Adjustable polling rate
    Tune it all the way up to 1000Hz through the software
  • Plug n Play
    Completely Plug n Play, software needed only for configuration


Software and Drivers

Please visit our support portal

NAOS 5000 Software and Drivers



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